We have snow!

We survived our first blizzard of the year. Unable to get out of our garage, Steve stayed home from work yesterday. I got to enjoy the snow day; drinking cocoa, reading, knitting. Poor Steve had to shovel three-foot-deep snow from our entire driveway by himself. I bundled up and contributed a couple shovel-fulls, but Steve had himself convinced that such exertion would send me into immediate labor. And with a driveway full of snow, that was not an appealing prospect. So, at his insistence, I waited patiently inside and had a host of warm beverages and soup ready when he finally carved out a car-wide path to the road.

This is the front yard. Most impressive, but not pictured here, is the five foot drift in our backyard.

Mutterings of "I hate Iowa" could be heard for most of the evening.


  1. goodness- that is a lot of snow- I don't miss it to be honest- grew up with it- so did the hubs and we made the choice to move to a warm (or at least not snowy) place-
    I'm glad S. didn't let you shovel!!!

    I have a giveaway that I think you might like so if you get a chance pop by-

  2. Looks like fun! Since we rarely get snow in Portland, I really miss those huge snow storms.

  3. Oh yes, this has been such a snowy winter. We live far apart, but share this same white landscape!

  4. Hope you are warm & safe. Has the snow subsided since this post? We are getting cooler over on this side of the planet, I guess that means you might be getting warmer. Beautiful photos, Courtney. Love Katie x