A Spot for Diapering

I am so encouraged by the thoughtful comments on yesterday's post. The Midwifery model of care is one that I believe in whole-heartedly and I know that it is in the forefront of many other minds as well. For me, the bottom line is choice. All women should be empowered to make the maternity care choices that best suite her needs and anything that we can do to bring us closer to that ideal is a good thing.  

On to less weighty topics...diapering! We now have a spot in which to diaper our babe and that spot shares a room with my computer and my sewing machine.

We are very fortunate to have a local diaper service. We're planning on going the cloth route and we've had a mixed bag of feedback from friends and family. Luckily, the majority of it has been positive. I'm not too worried about it, although I need to get my act in gear and knit some wool diaper covers. I'm also very interested in Elimination Communication. I remember the exact moment that I first heard about it. A couple of years ago I was picking up some books that a woman had posted on Freecycle. She invited me in and her very naked and adorable babe delightedly ran into the room. She must have felt the need to explain (although, it was an incredibly hot July day so I don't think anyone would have needed too much convincing that less clothes was better at that point) and said that they were trying "Natural Infant Hygiene." She very very briefly explained that that meant they had "no diaper" times and tried to pick up on the little one's cues to go to the bathroom. I remember thinking, "huh. That's interesting." and not really giving it too much more thought. After having read more about it and talked to some other practicing moms, I think it's genius.

I'm sure that the already full laundry basket is a sign of things to come. 


  1. Question for you... have you found a great (and fairly easy) pattern for wool diaper covers? We have a random assortment of cloth diapers and covers but need more... I was thinking of making my own prefolds from scrap cloths, and maybe knitting a few wool diaper covers, but haven't yet found a great pattern. Let me know if you come across anything or make one that works out well!

  2. @Mama Gone Green: I just cast on for my first wool diaper cover this morning. I'll let you know if it's a keeper or not! In the meantime, there are quite a few on ravelry.com. I just did a search for "Diaper Cover" and there were several different styles. The comments were very helpful for me in picking out which one to try.