Belly Landscapes

Individual days seem to fly by more quickly than I can capture, but the weeks continue to tick by ever so slowly.  I feel a need to complete a whole list of tasks "before the baby comes."  Not because they are necessary to caring for a new life, but because my mind is truly boggled about how to do much of anything with an infant in tow.  While definitely causing me to slow down, s/he is at least wrapped snug and warm inside of me and I don't have to worry about the logistics of things like travel.

I went to a Bellydancing for Birth workshop this past weekend.  It was just at the edge of my comfort zone and was a lovely experience.  Female strength is something that I've always "believed" in and held sacred, but I've never felt the need to celebrate it in the way that some do.  I think this is partially due to my shyness; to celebrate any aspect of my person makes me a little nervous as I generally like to stay as far away from the spotlight as possible.  But, it is something that I would like my daughters to experience.  To know that womanhood is special and unique and worth building alters to.


  1. Awesome!! Love the photos. WOMAN POWER! It is healthy, I think, to do things that are at the edge of your comfort zone sometimes. I find when I do that, I usually end up taking alot away from the experience.

  2. What a beautiful belly. And you are in that "in between" place. Baby almost here - but not yet. Wondering, dreaming, imagining...

  3. Love those belly photos... when are you due? I know you are close to me (i'm due march 1). Hope you are feeling well!