Babes in Carriers

Last night Steve and I met up with his cousin who was passing through town on business.  We had amazing Indian food, conversation, and laughter and she very generously gifted us with the carrier she used with her own two babes.  It's a Bloo Kangaroo and so far (without actually using it yet) I love it.  My belly fits nicely where the baby will eventually go.  Steve likes that it has buckles, which appeal to the engineer side of his brain.  Slings make him a little nervous.  They're too simple.

I'm very taken with the prospect of babywearing.  It sounds very practical but also incredibly gentle and nurturing.  I don't have any memories of being carried myself, although I do know that my mom had a baby backpack type carrier around when I was little.  One of those numbers with the rigid metal frame.  I think it was gray.  I'm very fortunate in that I have access to a local babywearing support group, which is good because I'm nervous about getting the hang of it.  There are so many different carriers out there...I'm really interested to hear some perspectives on what worked well for others.


  1. We loved baby bjorn. When the baby has head control she (or he!) can be carried looking out the same way you are. My children loved loved this. And Dad can wear them too.

    We also had a frame baby backpack for hiking and I took mine to the grocery store in it (got some looks but it was nice to have my arms free and be able to bend w/o baby in front).


  2. AHHHHHH- Love your belly- so cute- makes me smile- I am so happy for you lovely lady!!!
    I agree straps- we never used a sling.

  3. I've found different carriers are good for different things. My husband never really liked the sling but loves anything with straps.
    I love a sling especially for 3-14 month age. I have a 'Hot Sling' and I love how beautiful it is. It's much easier to get baby in and out of than the straps kind, and I've found myself using slings more around the house and on short walks and a buckle or mei tai carrier for long walks, trips to the park, public transit, etc.

    I also love that most strap carriers can go to the back for an older baby/toddler. Very useful!

    You are going to love baby wearing!

  4. It's going to be so wonderful to snuggle together in the carrier. They leave moms hands free from baby holding but the baby feels snug and secure.
    I used a the baby bjorn but then I discovered cloth slings. I preferred the slings because they are easy to fold up and wash. When it was cold I had a polar fleece sling from kangaroo korner.

  5. I was attached t my ergo (and in fact still use it at times with my 37 pound son)! I also loved my slings.... I had quite a few, but my favorite was a fleece one from kangaroo korner (as Luisa mentioned). It would put my wee one right to sleep and now I can use it to carry Finn on my hip. Todd was a fan of the baby bjorn... I think he felt too restricted with what he could do with the other carriers on. It took us a couple months to figure out what we liked/didn't liked, so the more stuff you can borrow until you figure out what works for you, the better!

  6. I carried both and it made my life so much easier and so much more lovely. The first was mostly in a Snuggly. The second was in a sling until she got bigger and then moved to the Snuggly. I LOVED the sling when she was a wee one, she stayed in it virtually all day while we got on with the demands of the first one!


  7. Babywearing is the best. We used the Moby wrap for the first 4-6 months. It was incredibly intimidating at first (it's six yards of fabric!) but it was a breeze to put on and super snuggley. We also started using the Ergo carrier around four months and now just use the Ergo, though I have yet to wear it on my back yet. Oh it is awesome! Super sturdy, yet still snuggley.