To Grandmother's House We (Don't) Go

So often the choices that I’ve made in order to live a life that is more gentle on this earth have involved what I don’t do. I try very hard not to consume mindlessly, not to drive unnecessarily, to just use less, etc. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make for very interesting or sexy reading and it can be especially difficult to practice in the current season. But, one of the things that Steve and I are considering forgoing this year is travel for the holidays...

For more head on over to The Green Phone Booth for my guest post. 


  1. By next year when you have your little one you will have to go or else there would be tears from grandma- staying home sounds relaxing and stress free- you and S should enjoy a bit of you time.
    Have a good week lovely lady!

  2. I agree with Ren. Next year you'll go! Heading over to see what is at The Green Phone booth.

  3. Just read your post at The Green Phone booth, and I couldn't agree more. I hate to recall the trips made on Christmas day in years past, sometimes to 3 or 4 homes before we settled in somewhere for dinner! The day is over before it's barely begun, and what sort of memories are made traveling in the car? While spending time with family is nice, enjoying the moment is also good and I'm glad you did it. Family may be surprised, I know mine would be, but in the end, it really is just another day. Maybe it's a sign of getting older or perhaps maturing is a better word, but this type of holiday appeals to me more and more. So glad you enjoyed your day!