Coming Home

Today marks day number four in my new life as a stay-at-home wife and soon-to-be-mother.  In some ways, the decision to quit my job was a very tough one, but mostly it was a forgone conclusion.  Both Steve and my mothers stayed home with their children and we both think that it's incredibly important for at least one of us to be a constant presence in our children's daily lives.  In some ways, I think that I've always planned on staying home with my babes.  I guess it might have been a tougher decision had I been working toward a career goal that I was really passionate about, but I wasn't.  I am passionate, however, about home.  I'm really happy.  For the last four days I've been happier than I've been in a long time and I feel like I've accomplished more than I have in months.  It's an odd place to be, though.  I don't have a community yet.  All of the women that I know who have children have gone back to their away-from-home jobs, so there is a touch of loneliness and a yearning for someone to talk to who has made/is making similar choices to me.  I know this will come in good time.  I'm stumbling to find a rhythm to my days.  I'm getting there:  my morning walk with Nikita, cups of tea, and long over due projects.  I need to allow myself the freedom to do what feels right in the moment.  And sometimes what feels right is to just be.  And that's okay too.


  1. It's a fantastic place to be! You are blessed with being able to stay home. Your group will come quickly. I met some of the best mom's in Prenatal Yoga and Swim classes. I am SO happy for you, enjoy every second!

  2. AHH. I am so excited for you. If it helps at all, I knew ONE other stay at home Mom at the time that I started on that journey too. The rest lived far away or went back to work or were still childless. It is a journey for Mom's as much as kids, but so worth it! Happy SAHMdom!


  3. It is a gift to be able to stay home with your child(ren). The best thing I did after having my first child was joining a breastfeeding support group. I made several lifelong friends there and we formed a play group. I would suggest finding one if you plan to breastfeed.

  4. Congratulations! It's been nearly a year and a half since I quit my job to become a stay-at-home-mama and I am still trying to get into the groove of things and find friends. It has had its ups and downs, but I would never, ever trade it. I remind myself daily how lucky I am to be with my child each and every moment. It's amazing!

  5. Oh I am so happy for you!
    I have always been a stay at home mother and even now that my monkeys go to school I still consider it an extention of mothering to be a home-maker-

  6. Congratulations! It sounds lovely. Just make sure to take time for yourself now, while you can, without feeling guilty.
    I started working again when Finn was about 8 months old, but I have mostly been working part time. I have found great support in other mothers who were stay at home or only part time workers as well, and planning those trips to the park or playgroup has been so important to my son and his friendships but also for me and my sanity!
    As a mother who works part time and stays home the rest, I will tell you that my days at work are normally easier than my days at home. I love being able to spend that time with my son, but having a support group is absolutely crucial. And finding that support is pretty easy once you have a wee one. Starting up a conversation with a mom who has a similar-aged child is so easy as there is always so much to talk about!

  7. you are using the pedestal!!!

    you are going to do great, my dear...
    good advice about finding a breast-feeding support group. jill said that she tried to start a breast-feeding support group to no avail, but maybe you would have better luck in the iowa city area.