I have some icky little garden invaders who have gobbled up pretty much all of my bok choy. Sneaky fellows! Being an evening/weekend gardener, it's so hard for me to stay on top of problems like this. Two days ago, my greens were fine. Then we had a string of rainy weather and bam! Suddenly my bok choy looked like lacy doilies.

I've decided to try a two-pronged approach to dealing with them. I buried a couple of small jars up to their necks and then filled them with beer. The delicate aroma of the expired Grain Belt that's been in my 'fridge since my wedding is supposed to lure these creepy-crawlies to an untimely drowning doom. My second tactic is copper. I've mentioned before that I have small piles all around the house of things that I can't easily recycle, nor can I think of an immediate way to re-purpose them. One of these piles was of those huge copper staples that are used to hold large boxes together. I pulled them out of the boxes that some of our furniture came in when we first bought our house two years ago and they've been tucked into the back of a drawer ever since. So, I dug them out and then bent them into rings which I then placed around the base of the vulnerable plants. Because of their slimy bellies, the little guys get a shock when they try to climb over copper and so it's supposed to be a very good deterrent. I'll keep you posted on how it all turns out.


  1. hmm...something has gotten at my Kale yet I haven't spotted any culprit! I will remember these little tips if we see any slugs!


  2. In Portland, we have been having record rainfall and I have been dealing with lots of slugs. Ugg. I have been encircling my plants with a ring of pennies, and ever since I have done that, I have not found one slug on my protected plants! So, I bet your staples will work.
    I have heard good things about copper tape, but it is so expensive that I wanted to find another way.
    I feel your pain and I wish you luck!