It is another wet one here today. It hadn't started raining when I left the house, so I foolishly wore sandals and am paying the price now by sloshing around the office.

It seems that we have another broody little robin.

Steve was able to count 2 eggs in the nest on a rare moment that she flew away, but we can't quite get a full view so there are probably more. This is a different nest than the one that I've shown here before and it's very close to our deck. She looks at us very suspiciously whenever we are out there. This is the third robin's nest that we've found this year. In past years I've found egg shells from orioles, house sparrows, as well as robins. There are 4 barn swallows that seem to be staking out the territory under our second story deck, but no nest as of yet. The more the merrier!


  1. SO cute! We have nesting robin's above our neighbors drain off their roof! It was so sweet watching them. I will never forget the first few months home with my son from the hospital...we had barn swallows nesting right outside the window and I would watch them for hours feeding their babies as I was feeding my was magical...


  2. love it- may you have SO much good luck!

  3. oh and I love the new banner- makes me want to reach in, grab it and take a huge juicy bite.

  4. We have had so many birds in our yard this year, more than ever before. I'm sure the new fruit plantings have helped.

    The photo you took is excellent. I found it hard to take one of the baby robin nesting in our backyard.


  5. You've got quite the aviary there in your yard! Enjoy.