Bird's Nest Mushrooms

After all the rain we've had as of late, we had an explosion of these tiny little mushrooms bloom on the mulch by our front door. I almost missed them; they're so tiny (less than a quarter inch across) and they blend right in with the wood chips.

Appropriately, they are called "bird's nest" mushrooms because they look like little nests filled with eggs. The "eggs" (peridioles) are puffball-like packets of spores, which are dislodged by raindrops and use tiny coiled cords to attach themselves to twigs or leaves, or to hitch a ride on a passing animal so they can colonize new areas.

The genus and species name is Cyathus stercoreus. They're very widespread, but rarely seen because they're so tiny and inconspicuous.

There were over one hundred of them and they appeared and disappeared within 24 hours. I feel very fortunate that I noticed them!


  1. Now that's cool...I've never heard of them. So happy that you noticed them :)

  2. Never seen them but now I know to look for them and I will always remember their cute name!
    How lucky that you got such great photos-

  3. How interesting! I don't think I've ever seen them before and if I did, I didn't know what they were. Thanks for sharing~

  4. Neat! Something tells me I'll be taking a closer look at our mulch from now on. : )

  5. Oh, wow! I've never seen that kind of mushroom before. I've been obsessed with mushrooms myself lately (and blogging maybe a little too much about them). But they are just so interesting--and tasty!

  6. Beautiful photos. I am a midwest girl living in Los Angeles.
    Glad to find you...really beautiful blog.

    PS- I hope you come follow me. xx

  7. Wonderful. You have a very good eye for detail. Thank you Courtney, this post was delightful. Oms, Katie x

  8. Never seen these - very cool. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I have never seen mushrooms like this, how interesting.