What could be...

My Dear Neti Pot,

I'm torn. I feel as if our first date went well and yet, I'm not entirely convinced that we should continue to see each other. Yes, we fumbled around a bit at the beginning, but I was expecting awkwardness. All new encounters are accompanied by shy smiles and a lack of confidence in where to place one's hands. Ours was no different. We haven't yet "hit our groove" so to speak, but I have no doubts that we could in the future. No, dear Neti Pot, it is not embarrasment that could potentially keep me away. Nor is it a lack of caring. Your caress was welcome; quiet and soothing. You let me feel like I was in control. You made me feel powerful, like I was the one steering the ship. I don't know, dear Neti, it's so hard to find the words. It's so hard for me to tell if I feel the way I do because of you or because that's the progression of things, you know? It may seem harsh, but I have to ask the "is it worth it?" questions. Perhaps when I am no longer under the weather, we'll take a spin together and see how it goes. I'll give you a call.

Affectionately yours,

Have any of you tried a neti pot? Success? Failure? If you can't tell, my vote is still out.


  1. NO! from me - pure torture!
    YES! from my husband. He swears by it and uses it pretty regularly. He got a squirty bottle thing that is much much easier than the neti pot.


    Good luck! (PS: funny letter!!!)

  2. I love the neti- my husband recommends it to his patients- my older monkey has tried it too- I feel less toxic after I use it and do it even when I am not sick!

  3. Ps: I hope you feel better!!!

  4. i do get some success. i also am not a fan of the way it feels....freaks me out a little.

  5. Everyone I know that uses it swears by it...that said. I don't use it. lol.


  6. My husband *loves* it; I personally can't bring myself to use one. (Is there such a thing as neti phobia?! If so, then I have it!)

    I have to say, I love your creative approach in expressing your experience with the neti pot. Brilliant writing!

  7. I love my neti pot, although I find that if I use it too much, it starts to hurt my nasal passages. I hope you are better now.