More Mushrooms

It's okay, you can say it. I have a bit of a mycology obsession at the moment. I just find it all so fascinating. Steve will now very graciously (and a bit proudly) call me over to record the various mushrooms that he finds in the yard while mowing, before he mows over them. I noticed these two big guys on our mulch pile this weekend.

From my notes:
Located on wood chips, latte/light brown in color
5 mm tall from base to top of cap, caps are 5-7 mm across
thick, woody stems
tan, unattached gills
Light brown/tan spore print
(These notes are going to have to become far more detailed if I'm ever going to have success in identification!)

To make a "spore print" you separate the cap from the stem. Place the cap, gill side down, on a white sheet of paper. Cover with an over-turned drinking glass so that it's not disturbed. After several hours, when you remove the glass and the mushroom cap, you will be left with a print of spores on the paper. Spores come in all different colors, from white to orange to to pink to black, and the prints can be really quite beautiful.

My guess is that it's something in the Pluteus genus.


  1. Spore prints are fun but be careful - my hubbie altered/ruined my dining room table when the spore went through the paper on right onto the table! Put a towel and maybe some wax paper underneath!!

    Looking at mushrooms can be addicting. They are so cool.

  2. I love mushrooms too, and hope that one day I can find some time to become more acquainted with fungus ID. I am assuming yes, but have you read Paul Stamets? He is the mushroom god!

  3. I haven't actually read Paul Stamets, but I just looked up his books on Amazon and they look amazing! They're definitely going on my library list....


  4. We LOVE discovering mushrooms too! We plan to make a whole book of the ones we have found and identify them, add tidbits as well as our own *stories*,

    Many are sooo gorgeous!

    happy day!

  5. We've had two strange varieties this year. :)
    Very cool.

  6. Thank you for your kind comments recently on "My moments"....

    I think you would enjoy the company blog I run for a conservation company. I am linking you over to a post done recently on Fungi, check it out...Cheers to all!