Second Round of Planting

Steve and I planted our second batch of seeds this weekend.

Left over from last year's Seed Savers Exchange order: Yellow of Parma Onion and Redfield Beauty Tomatoes

New from this year's Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds order: Genovese Basil, Purple of Sicily Cauliflower, Amish Paste Tomatoes, Al-Kuffa Tomatoes (from Iraq), and Nature's Riddle Tomato (from Russia)

In all honesty, I don't know where these seedlings are going to end up. As of right now, the little patch of land that I used as a garden last year is planted in garlic and winter wheat. I have grand plans of building a bunch of raised beds for this year, I just need to get myself outside and get it done. I have some scavenged pallets that I'm going to break down and use to build the boxes and then I need to borrow a truck to get some bulk compost from the landfill. Sounds like a full Saturday to me!

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  1. Give yourself a deadline to do the planter boxes- then set aside a weekend- We are in the thick of DIY projects right now and I'm scared of my own deadline.