Savoring the journey

Tardiness was a big problem for me in elementary school. The challenge started from the moment I dragged myself out of bed and continued right on throughout the day. I used to play all sorts of games with myself in order to drag out the time it took me to walk the 4 blocks from my house to school. This may have been because I really hated school (I was always incredibly bored) but I also think it was because I liked to savor the journey. In the fall and spring, I'd find a small rock and try to kick it the entire length of my walk, which sometimes took me far outside the most direct route. In the winter, I was intent on stepping on and breaking all the ice along the way; I loved the brittle cracking sound that it made. I find myself doing these same things now as I walk from where I park my car to my bus stop on my way to work in the morning. The situations are so similar. Although I try to fill my down time with writing and planning for the future, I am so bored at work. So, I'm finding it better to focus on my journey, realizing that this is but one step in my path. Because ultimately, it's all just a series of stones we kick along the way.

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  1. i used to do the same thing! kicking a rock whenever i walked to school or when i walked uptown to work at the cafe. even when i was past school... it just seemed right.