Just starting

The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and my first batch of seeds are (hopefully) germinating.

I stuck to my seed-starting calendar and planted 5 sets of seeds this past weekend. Almost all of them were from this year's Baker Creek Heirloom Seed order, except for the Bull Nose Bell Pepper, which were left over from last year and came from Seed Savers Exchange. I started: Bronze D'Amposta onion, Craig's Grande jalapeno, Diamond eggplant, and Thai White Ribbed eggplant. Hopefully they'll make a good show, as none of these worked out well for me last year. Last year's peppers shriveled shortly after they sprouted, my onions never got bigger than scallions, and my eggplants (which were given to me as seedlings) came back after being eaten by rabbits, but never produced any fruit. No matter what happens, it can only be an improvement.

I tried re-using toilet paper rolls as seed cups, which is what I did last year, but it just wasn't workin' for me, hence the ice cream buckets. I hate using plastic, but I already had these on hand and they're just so much easier in my current situation. If I had more space or perhaps a greenhouse, I might go back to the individual biodegradable seed cups. But, for now, buckets it is.


  1. Ah geez. And here I was all excited that I got my raised beds made this past weekend...I will get to the seeds next weekend! Can't wait. In fact I am giddy with delight!


  2. Pair your raised beds with my seedlings and we've got ourselves a GARDEN! Hope all goes well this weekend!