Ditching disposable razors

For about a year I've been using the same razor, one of those "Venus" numbers, and it's just now getting to the point where it's nicking my legs more than shaving them. I knew that once it came time to replace it, I wanted to do so with a non-plastic, non-disposable option. I wanted a real razor. Obviously, there existed razors before there existed plastic, but I'm lazy and didn't really know where to easily get my hands on one.  Enter my mother.
I periodically give her a "look-for list" of things that I would like to find vintage or second-hand and she buckles down and usually finds them for me. As soon as I asked her for a "real" razor she gave me this adorable never-used set. I think it is one of those things she picked up years ago, tucked away in a drawer, and promptly forgot.

I tried it out for the first time this week and I am completely hooked. I was hesitant because I was convinced that I would cut my legs to shreds, but my actual experience couldn't have been further from these fears. I just used regular soap to lather and this razor just glided over my skin. It gave me the closest shave that I've ever had and not a single cut. Like silk. I wasn't even being particularly careful, spending the same amount of time shaving my legs as I have in the past. It's true that this razor does require a little more care. After each use I unscrew the handle, take out the blade, and dry each part thoroughly. But this takes all of two minutes and is a small price to pay for never having to buy a disposable razor again.


  1. ok, that is cool. Beats my straight razor that I use.

  2. But a straight razor has so much more street cred. ;)