Steve and I ventured out into the world of being social by going to an Oscar party last night. We saw old friends whom we haven't seen in awhile and shared laughs while making fun of the pomp and circumstance that is the Hollywood machine. Good times were had by all; although being out and about made me realize just how rarely we do so.

I know that being an active part of a community is important in living a sustainable lifestyle. As much as we'd like to be completely self-sufficient, there do come times when one needs to rely on one's neighbors. We can't do this if we don't know who our neighbors are. So, it's important to do the work to forge meaningful connections with those around us. For Steve and I, this is difficult. I can be painfully shy and both of us just prefer to hang out at home. We like things quiet and low-key and it's hard to get more low-key than sharing evenings home together.

Another thing "to work on" I guess.

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