Goodies in the mail

Look at the lovelies that came in my mail the other day!

I bought them from The Black Apple on Etsy and I think I'm in love. The "Beekeeper" print in the back is the one that first caught my eye. I thought looking at it everyday would be a way to keep my beekeeping dreams alive until the day when I can actually...well...keep bees. And the rest of the prints were just so lovely, I couldn't help myself from adding two more to my cart. I've just finished framing them and they have found a home on my studio/office wall.

Making our house feel like a home has been challenging for me. We lived here for a full 6 months before I even put anything on the walls and now that another year has passed not much progress has been made beyond that. I think it's a combination of the space just being too big and my inability to get over the mental hurdle of not living in a rental anymore. Two years is the longest that I've ever lived in one place since I was in high school so I've never really settled in. I've always had to be careful and not make too many changes to ensure that I got my deposit back. I think it might be easier to let go of this feeling if I knew that we wanted to live in this house forever, but we don't. So I still have that lingering feeling of not wanting to make too many changes because I have resale value always in the back of my mind. But, slowly I'm trying to surround us with beautiful and meaningful things. Useful things. To some degree, it's working. I no longer feel uncomfortable in our house, but it's not quite cozy yet.

A delicate snow started last night, just as I was getting on the bus to come home after work. It was beautiful and it made me very happy.

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