Things to put things in

I've been somewhat obsessed with containers lately.  Baskets, wooden crates, old suitcases and train cases have been added to my mental "look for" list whenever I go thrifting.  It seems to be part of a larger, slow-moving trend of settling in.  I've moved so frequently in the last decade (at least once a year--often times more) that I've never really been in one place long enough to really unpack.  A majority of my stuff still lives in the boxes and plastic containers in which they were placed 11 years ago when I went to college.  Still having them around, all stacked up, makes me feel as if I'm still waiting for the next move, which is the opposite of how a home should feel.  Hence the baskets. 

A basket seems to me to provide the opposite to "ready to pick up and move."  Without lids, un-stackable, and existing wholely in their current place.  Cookie cutters, canning lids and rings, napkins, and washcloths...all of these belong in baskets.  The suitcases and train cases are providing homes to my newly expanding collection of thrifted fabric.  You can't learn to sew without something to practice on, right?

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