2016 Print
Squat! Birth Journal, Quiet Solace, April

2015 Online
Dark Matter: Women Witnessing, Dreaming the Future, December

2015 Print
saltfront, Soil Moon, Winter Issue

2014 Print
Natural Child Magazine, Thumbsucker, November/December Issue
Kindred, Pieces Gathered, January

2013 Online
Eeboo Blog, I Never Forget a Face, July 12
Learn With Play At Home, 10 Quiet Activities for Kids, October 15
Handmade Charlotte, Drawing & Painting Without Pencils & Paint, October 9
One Perfect Day, 10 Hands On Explorations for Kids, September 17
Parent/Teacher Daily, Trans: A Montessori Game for Toddlers, August 7
Circle of Moms, Recipe of the Day, July 8
Rhythm of the Home, Music Banner, February 27
Bamboo Magazine, Kombucha: The Tea of Immortality, February 9

2012 Online
Rhythm of the Home, Mason Jar Snow Globe, November 28
One Pretty Thing, Daily DIY, October 15
Prudent Baby, DIY Etch-a-Sketch, October 9
The Crafty Crow, Drawing in Wool, October 4
Apartment Therapy, DIY Yarn Etch-A-Sketch, September 13
Rhythm of the Home, Knitted Harvest Flower Vase, September 5
Kim's Counseling Corner, Unique, Inexpensive, DIY Play Room Ideas, August 20
Apartment Therapy, Make a Simple Rice Table, August 16
KidsOMania, 20 Cool DIY Play Tables, August 12
Blogcritics, Writer of the Week, July 16-22
The Crafty Crow, Rice Play Table Tutorial, July 20
Little Homestead in the Desert, In Her Shoes (Interview), June 23
Rhythm of the Home, Dandelion Magic, June 1
SunnyDayTodayMama, All Year Round Spring Carnival, May 13
Skinny Scoop, Top 25 Green Blogs
Rhythm of the Home, Welcome Spring Wreath, March 1
Rhythm of the Home, Celebration Bunting, March 1

2012 Print
Frugally Delicious Cookbook, Not-Too-Spicy Green Pea CurryApril 25

2011 Online
Rhythm of the Home, Solstice Luminaries, December 1
One Pretty Thing, Weekend Roundup, September 11
Circle of Moms, Top 25 Family Blogs
Crunchy Domestic GoddessPortrait of a Homebirthing Couple, June 28

2010 Online
The Green Phone BoothTo Grandmother's House We (Don't) Go, November 29

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