I feel very strongly about giving my money to people instead of to corporations. It's important to me to know that my dollars are supporting individuals who are trying to make an honest living, with a special focus on those who are mindful of sustainability and low-impact living. In keeping with this, I have an ongoing series of sponsored weekend posts that highlight work-at-home-moms, artists, and other small business owners. I believe that my role in promoting these individuals is one small effort to help their businesses while at the same time introducing my readers to these fabulous people.

Sponsorship opportunities for these weekend posts as well as other options are available on A Life Sustained to independent crafters, artists, and providers of products and services whose goals and philosophies align with my own. You are welcome to see examples of profile posts and giveaways from past sponsors.

Contact me at cpcable (at) gmail (dot) com for rates and package details.

I also participate in Amazon's Associates Program, which means that if you follow some links to Amazon.com in my blog and you purchase that item, I receive a very small commission. I do encourage you, however, to seek out books at the library, used bookstores, or your local bookseller first.

Things such as product and book reviews are done because I feel compelled to do so. If I receive any sort of compensation whatsoever, including review copies of books or of products, it is noted in the post and does not influence my review.

All words and images represented here are my own, unless otherwise indicated. I like to share, but I do ask that you gain my permission before taking them for yourself.