Birthday Dress #3

I know, I know. Her birthday was over two months ago. To be fair, I had this little dress completely sewn up before the big day. All that was left was to make the button holes and sew on the buttons. My Achilles heel, to be sure. It's another Geranium Dress, this time with sleeves and an underskirt. The fabric is a Japanese print by Trefle for Kokka. I bought it so long ago (2011, I think?), I can't find a link or the print name. It seems to be somewhat of a Thumbelina theme with a little girl sitting on the flower and a swallow flying through the air.

Thinking that she would be wearing it in the cool days at the end of March, I fully lined it with a really soft sweatshirt fabric. It's super cozy! It's also a tad bit warm now that we're already into full-on summer heat. It's nice and roomy, though, so I'm hopeful we'll get a little bit of wear out of it now and then again this fall when it cools down.

How is this little girl already three? She is sweet and demanding and strong and incredibly clingy. She is her brother's shadow and they adore each other. She spends most days pretending to be a kitty, specifically Jenny Linsky. She is so incredibly wonderful.