A Baby Surprise Jacket, Four Years in the Making

It seems like ages and ages ago that I cast on this little jacket. It probably seems that way because it was indeed ages and ages ago. Four years ago. I started it for Silas, using a toddler hack of Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket. All that was left on it was to seam it up, but I just couldn't figure out how to do it back then and he outgrew it before I ever had a chance to finish it. So, into the bottom of the yarn bin it went. I remember being heartbroken about it. I used scrap yarn from all his baby knits...the gray from his T-Shirt Vest, purple from his diaper covers, the two rows of green from his baby beanie, yellow from his aviatrix, and bits from other projects as well.

Lately I've been feeling a strong pull to tie up loose ends. To finish the unfinished. Close books. Put to rest. I haven't knit anything in months and decided that I wanted to finish up something old before I started something new. So, with a different toddler in mind, I pulled out this little jacket. After a quick YouTube tutorial and two nights on the couch, I crocheted the seams together and finally (finally!) had a finished jacket (ravelry notes here). It is probably the most "handmade" looking thing that I've ever made. It seems very grandmotherly. I decided to embrace this and go all out by sewing on some vintage wooden toggle buttons.

Theda loves it. I put it on her this morning and, even though the temperature broke 70 this afternoon, she refused to take it off. Maybe there's something fitting about this - the weaving together of the story of these two children. What she receives are hand-me-downs, but she breathes into them a life all her own.

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