Easter Mama-Mades

This morning as Silas and Theda woke up bright and early for Easter, they found a new mama-made shirt and dress all laid out for them. It's the first time that I've really surprised them with clothes and having Theda rush into the bedroom to wake me and declare "Bunnies! Put it on!" pretty much ensures that it will happen again in the near future.

The dress is my second Geranium. This time I did the faux cap sleeves, pleated skirt with side seam pockets, and cutout neckline. I love it so much! It really is so quick to sew and the result is an adorable, but more importantly, sturdy play dress. The bodice is a napkin that I picked up at the thrift store and the skirt is some hemp decorator fabric leftover from when my mother-in-law so kindly sewed me a Mei Tai back when Silas was a baby (that we still use every day!). I added flat piping again because, hey, everything is better with piping.

Silas is sporting a Recess Raglan and this is the fourth time I've made one of these (The first went un-blogged, but you can see it in this post and here are two and three). This kid won't wear anything with buttons and pretty much will only wear knits, so this is a perfect one for him. The main fabric is Adventure Springs by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery and the sleeves are City Lights Day by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery (I talk about Silas picking it out here). This is a shirt I intended (and attempted!) to make for him two years ago. I'm so glad I got to see him happily wearing it today.

After they put on their new duds, Silas and Steve made their annual Easter trip to the doughnut shop to pick up breakfast, which, coincidentally, is always exactly when the Easter bunny arrives. Somehow, I never hear him open the refrigerator door, take out the eggs that we've colored and then hide them in the backyard. Huh. Weird. 

Just the two of them searching for a dozen eggs in our yard is about the speed of our little family and it was a perfect way to spend the morning and then the rest of the day together. Happy Easter!

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