Last weekend we all headed to a baby shower. Silas and Theda will have a new wee cousin in a few short weeks and they are absolutely thrilled (so are we!). I wanted to have a little something handmade to tuck into the gift bag, so I sewed up my very first pair of Maxaloones.

I bought this pattern before Theda was born (2 years ago!) and got as far as printing and cutting it out. How I wish that I would have mustered the motivation to sew them up! While she looks adorable modeling this (too small for her) pair, my heart melts at putting these on a little squish.

The accent fabric is upcycled from a knit cotton dress of mine and the main fabric is City Lights Day by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery. Silas picked it out. In the months leading up to Theda's birth I went on a spree of signing up for activities and camps for Silas. I think that I was worried he would be jealous of the new baby and having some special things for him to look forward to would lessen the blow. And, too, I think that I was worried for myself - that I wouldn't know what to do with two kids at home and would appreciate the structure of having outings to plan around.

One of the activities that we signed up for that first summer, were art classes at the downtown rec center. Most of the other parents dropped off, but Silas wanted me to stay, so I did. I stayed and bounced the newborn Theda in her carrier as she dozed. On one of these class days she had just fallen asleep as his class was ending. The thought of waking her in order to strap her into the car for the trip home didn't seem at all appealing, so I asked Silas if he wanted to go for a walk. Always agreeable, he said sure.

Prior to this he had asked me to sew him a shirt, so I suggested that we walk across town to the locally-owned fabric store for him to pick out some fabric. Their selection of knits was small, but he fell in love with this one and we walked back to the car, swinging by our grocery co-op for a pastry treat along the way.

By week's end, I had sewn him a shirt, using a pattern in one of my sewing books, which turned out to be the worst pattern ever. The neck opening was entirely too small (he couldn't get his head through at all!) and he never got to wear it. A quick Google search reassured me that this was a problem that others had had with this pattern as well and I'm not just horrible at making shirts. The fabric is so beautiful, though, and I hated to see it go to waste, so I tucked the shirt in the scrap basket knowing that it would be perfect to cut up for a small project. And then I needed to make some baby pants!

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