Working With Clay

It's been awhile since our last clay exploration, which was this past summer and was a full body immersive experience. Clay between toes is the best! It was time to pull it back out again as we progress through the projects in The Language of Art, which we are using as our art curriculum and which I still love and highly recommend.

The intent was to have this be an open-ended exploration of the effects of water on clay; noticing how the characteristics of the clay transform as more and more water is added. My dear Silas, though, really, really likes to make representational objects. I told him that artists often "mess around" with their material and experiment to learn what they can do and encouraged him to do the same, but he would not be deterred and continued to make his snowman.

For language arts this year we are reading folk tales from around the world. This past week's story was The Sparrow and the Crow and in it, crow is trying to make a clay pot to hold water so that he can wash his beak. So, we had our first experience in making pinch pots.

This was really hard work! Silas had to use all his muscles to push his thumbs into the center of his clay.

"I like to make holes. They're fairy houses!"

"I'm making it all level so no water splashes out when crow fills it."

"I put a deeper layer of clay on the bottom so it's a little more waterproof."

We dove back into our homeschool routine the first week of January. Looking back on the first semester of this school year I've decided that I'd like to be more specific in my planning and more intentional in my documentation to facilitate more frequent and deeper reflection. I'd like to bring a little bit more of that into this space. We are having such a positive experience with kindergarten at home this year, I love to offer encouragement to anyone who might be considering it.

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