Handmade Holidays: Kid-Made

Oh my! Are we a quarter of the way through January already? Huh. That's crazy. There was such a flurry of making around here in the weeks leading up to Christmas - I didn't do a good job of documenting it at all. I was too worried about everything remaining half-finished. But, fortunately, (almost) everything made if off the needles/sewing machine/drawing board in time to find its way to its recipient on Christmas morning. The exception being Steve's hat, which was wrapped still on the needles with 6 or so rows left to go, but I figure that's kind-of charming, right? Right?

First up is Theda's gift to Big Brother Silas. She found this little bit of a fossil several months ago in the gravel right in front of our house; a favorite play spot for her throughout the past summer. She was fascinated by the way that it felt and I thought it was pretty neat too, especially with the hole already in it. So, I tucked it away thinking that we could make something with it for him. I had envisioned incorporating it in to some sort of sun catcher or chime or something like that. But, we were getting down to the wire, so a necklace it became. And he loves it!

Now for the gifts created by my dear Silas. For Daddy, he drew an entire box full (yes, that is a unit of measure) of drawings with the instructions that Steve was to put them "everywhere" at work. 

Theda received an undersea drawing populated with sparkly puffy sticker sea creatures. She was delighted by it because these were the very same stickers, in fact, that she had tried to swipe from him at some point prior.

And for mama? Well, I think I made out best of all. One day, out of the blue, Silas asked me, "what's your favorite animal, mama?" Of course I answered, "fox." He just nodded and didn't say another word. A week or so later we were picking some things up at the fabric store. He was looking around one aisle over from me and when he came around the corner he was embracing a bolt of bright yellow cotton. "Mama! Can we bring this home?" he asked, "But, I can't tell you what it's for." So, I pointed him towards the line for the cutting table and coached him to say that he wanted "half a yard" when it was his turn. Of course, I had to make sure that I had something very pressing to do alone and out of the house on the morning of Christmas Eve Day, leaving the kiddos with Steve.

Steve reported that this fox sculpture really was all Silas. Initially, he had a grander design that involved wood and a saw, but when Steve suggested that they might want to scale it back a bit, Silas bounced right back and found a way to make his vision come to life, even with Daddy's limited woodworking capabilities.

And, of course, no gift would be complete without an accompanying book.

I'm a lucky mama, indeed.

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  1. So charming... and sweet! Yes, you are one lucky mama!