Quick sewing

Goodness, I don't think I've sewn but two things since we moved over a year ago. There was a little treasure bag for a friend's birthday back in the spring and maybe something since then? I'm not sure.

Like any flat surface in my house that is not actively being used (so...everything that is not the dining room table) my sewing table became a catch-all for little bits and pieces that had no home. Having to clear all that away and then also find the motivation and time to start a project? Well, I found that challenging. But when Halloween was upon us and Silas handed me his design for his desired costume this year, well, it became a priority.

He went through many possible costume ideas, most of them involving combinations of things, the most elaborate being a train/clock/dragon ensemble, before he settled on a robot ghost. You got it, kiddo. Can do.

We luckily found a white sheet at the thrift store without too much searching and the rest were bits and bobs from around the house that we sewed or glued on. Silas had grand plans for the light panel, wanting it to flash red, yellow, and green, "like a traffic light!" I handed this portion of the production over to daddy, who, of course, over-designed the whole thing, spending several late nights writing code to make said lights happen and make it all remote-controlled via his smart phone. I just made a pocket for it all to sit in and didn't ask any questions. 

While sewing, the foot pedal on my machine started to make a concerning crackling noise. There were sparks. Luckily, my mom handed down to me a spare machine, which was waiting patiently in the basement for me to actually learn how to use it. Well, no time like the present, right? And while my old machine could only do a forward straight stitch, this new-old machine can do a zig-zag. Knits! How exciting!

Initially, the Little Miss was going to be a chicken, prompted by her love for visiting our neighbor's "bok bok's" on our daily walks. But, well, we just never made it to a craft or fabric store to get the necessary ingredients for such a costume, so we had to come up with something we could make with what we had on hand. And it ended up being absolutely perfect. This girl does a mean great horned owl impression.

And with those two projects completed, we were on a roll! Silas was invited to celebrate the birthday of a dear fashion-loving friend. Matching friend shirts was the obvious choice for a gift. Silas and I scrolled through fabric.com looking for "something red." These "barnacles" caught his eye.

"What else does your friend like?" I asked. "Unicorns" he replied without hesitation. Well, that made the choice pretty easy.

Of course, I was sewing right up until he and daddy were putting on their coats and getting ready to head out the door to the party, but they did leave with two completed shirts. One nicely wrapped, and one on a bouncing 5.5-year-old. He was absolutely thrilled to wear it and I think the birthday boy was pretty happy too.

And can I just pause for a moment and say how amazing this kid is? I mean, look at that sweet face. All too often these days I get swept up in just getting through each day. I've fallen into doing more managing than mothering and it's really no fun for anyone. We're not quite to the season of making resolutions, but if I were to make one right now, it would be that I return to a practice of being fully present in the moment. Of being open to silliness and laughter. Of really looking into these little eyes and hearing his voice. Because when I do, all the anxiety and worry that I have about getting things done simply melts away. All the pressure about how to spend my time evaporates. It's clear. This is what's important. This is my work. It (and he...and she) deserve my focused attention. Every. Single. Day.

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  1. I love reading your updates and, oh, do I hear you on just trying to get through the day many times. It's hard to be present! Hang in there!