Beginning Reading

Silas is starting to show a keen interest in learning how to read. I believe strongly that a child who is raised in a literature-rich environment will learn to read when they are ready with very little instruction. Reading together has always been a daily activity for us and I make an effort to model reading for pleasure by doing so when the kiddos are around. 

About a year ago Silas asked to learn all of the letters and how to write them and we've been doing so off and on, following his interest. Now it is a frequent occurrence that we have to pause on our daily walk or linger in the store because he wants to sound out the words on a sign.

Wanting to continue to follow his lead and to provide materials to support his interest I've been looking at some beginning reader books. I found a set of Bob Books at the thrift store, so I thought we'd give them a try. They are absolutely fine. But, I've spent the past five years being really choosy about the books that we add to our collection and I hoped to find readers with a little bit more beauty, warmth, and soul. So, when the folks at Home Grown Books offered to send me a few books from their collection to review, I jumped at the chance.

The first thing that I noticed about these books is how beautiful they are. They are the result of the collaborative efforts of artists and educators; the warm illustrations draw you in and the word choice and sentence structure are carefully chosen to encourage development of literacy skills. With titles about things such as gardens, the earth, and animals, the subject matter definitely draws him in and holds his interest.

These have lived in a basket on our shelves for awhile now and Silas often returns to them; sometimes to look at and ponder by himself and sometimes to have me read them to him. There are several other titles available. I just may have to get them all.

Books were provided for review courtesy of Home Grown Books. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. My 3 1/2 year old is showing interest in reading, so I'll definitely have to check these out. I'm not at all sure how to go about teaching him!