A Rainbow Hat

There's nothing like a stretch of 90 degree weather to motivate some knitting, right? Poor Silas requested a rainbow hat for this past winter. The pattern was chosen and the yarn purchased, but with moving that project just never made its way onto the needles. Then the hot weather hit and our lack of air conditioning and single fan left me planted on the couch at the end of every day wanting to move as little of my body as humanly possible. Suddenly, knitting seemed like a great way to pass the time. By the time the heat broke he had a finished hat for next winter.

This is the Rainbow Trout pattern (ravelry notes here) and I used Crystal Palace Mini Mochi because it was the only self-striping rainbow yarn I could find after a quick search. It is very very soft and I like it, but I probably wouldn't choose it for a hat again. For socks, though, it would be divine. The pattern is fantastic and was a perfect way to add some visual interest to the rainbow stripes without being too distracting.

Joining Ginny.


  1. what fun... a rainbow hat!!! makes me think of Bartholomew Cubbins!

  2. This hat is so beautiful! Love the colors and the pattern.