Vacuuming and Planting

It's amazing what a little difference a pass with the vacuum cleaner can make. We share our home with four animals: three cats and a dog. If we don't stay on top of it, the pet hair gets quite out of control. The upside is how incredibly clean everything looks when I finally do get around to vacuuming. Silas is an eager helper, though, and whenever the vacuum cleaner gets pulled out of the closet he declares which room I have to leave for him to do.

Today we finally did a little bit of planting. Before we left our old house we took a few cuttings from the pussy willow that we planted there six years ago. They've been living in a vase of water in our kitchen for the past six months and were in sad need of some soil and sunlight. We aren't quite ready yet to plant anything in the yard yet, so into a bucket they go, waiting to find their forever home.

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