Bedroom Painting & Rainbow Ironing

This past weekend was wet and dreary. We still went outside to play a bit, but most of our time was spent indoors painting Silas' room. It's the first room in the new house to get any attention and the only room that we have a vision for. I'm excited to be one step closer to having it done (Silas is excited too).

After an Ebay purchasing fury I now have color-coded linens for our dinner table to match our Waldorf-inspired color of the day. Rhythm and beauty. This means that I now have a weekly ironing day, something that I've never done before. Luckily, I have a great little helper to keep me company.

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  1. Silas has grown to be such a big boy and I love that he is helping to paint his room.
    I love to iron, I find it quite soothing!