Quills & Mischievous Babies

Every night at bedtime I tell Silas a story. We lie together in his bed with his head on my arm. They are always different, always simple and sweet, and he is always the main character. In last night's story, Story-Silas found a feather, used it to make a quill, and then used his "chicken pen" to draw a chicken. When the story was done he asked, "can we do that for real, mama? Make a pen out of a feather?" Well, sure. I love it when he thinks of activities for us to do so that I don't have to. Tomorrow, we're going to try adding a little watercolor to his drawing.

I'm really lucky that the little Missy plays so well by herself. She is so curious and such a happy little soul. As long as she knows where I am, she's pretty content to sit by herself and look at books, or dig through a box of toys all afternoon.

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