Blowing Bubbles and Spoons

While having our afternoon smoothie today (a medley of whatever was left on this, the day before grocery day: plum, pear, yogurt, coconut milk with a scoop of blueberry jam for good measure), Silas was blowing bubbles with his straw. I asked him to stop and said that food is not for playing, but that if he wanted to blow bubbles with water when we were finished, he could. He agreed. I count this as my parenting success for the day.

Theda would not be left out and enjoyed some smoothie as well. I haven't given her nearly the freedom with feeding herself that I did with Silas. I think the idea of cleaning up the mess now that I have two seems more than I can bear. So she's mostly having finger foods, but when I remember to give her her own spoon, she gets so delighted and does just fine with it.

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