Artist Study: Monet

We've added a bit of Charlotte Mason inspired artist study to our days. Nothing too formal really. Our public library has a really fantastic collection of framed prints that you can check out for 6 weeks at a time. They have 4 Monets so we just checked one out each month for the past 4 months. I picked a wall in our dining room to be our rotating artist study space and hung each of the pictures at Silas' eye level. Mason describes schooling at this age as setting out a banquet. She encourages us to fill our homes with beautiful works of art, music, and literature and allow the children to choose to absorb it and interact with it in whatever way they wish without too much instruction. So that's just what we're doing. 

There are quite a few lovely children's picture books about Monet and we checked those out as well. Our top favorites were Linnea in Monet's Garden by Bjork, The Magical Gardens of Claude Monet by Anholt, and Monet: The Painter Who Stopped the Trains by Maltbie.

The culminating event to mark our shift from looking at the work of this artist to looking at the work of the next was to "paint like Monet." We decided that this meant we needed to be outside, paint on a canvas, and paint our impressions. Silas chose to paint the magnolia tree in our backyard, a tree with which he is quite taken. He rushed in the house one day when he discovered its blossoms opening and it has been his favorite climbing tree ever since.

Two other resources that we enjoyed and that I wanted to share...
A video of Monet painting (link)
And a video of an artist painting a reproduction of one of the Monet works that we displayed at home (link)