Packing Peanut Sculpture

An Easter package from grandma and grandpa led us to this impromptu sculpture activity. It was filled with the biodegradable corn-based packing peanuts, which have the wonderful quality of sticking to each other when wet. Just a little bit of moisture goes a long way, we found. The best method was to dab each peanut on a damp sponge and then adhere. Any more water than that gives you a goopy, soupy mess, which is fine if that's your thing. 

We made some letters and some numbers and then Silas made a design. I stuck four peanuts together, handed it to him and asked, "what could this be?"

"A Bird!" And he proceeded to make it so.

When that was done he exclaimed, "How about we make something big that's hollow inside. An igloo!"

"Okay. How do we start?"

"With the bottom. I need to get a book - a building book."

The box of peanuts was quite large, so I think that we have several sessions of packing peanut sculpture ahead of us.

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