Because it's now fall...

It's that wonderful in-between-seasons time when we need sweaters and slippers in the morning, but strip down to shorts and t-shirts in the afternoon. We've fallen into quite a routine around here. Everyone is up for the day early and I have just enough time to get us all dressed and fed before it's time for nap number one. Lately, Silas has become particularly full of big energy in the mornings, so I send him directly outside on some sort of mission so that Theda and I can get breakfast ready. For awhile, he searched for cicada shells. Sometimes he'll take his clipboard and sharpies and make observational drawings. More recently, I've had him scouting for signs of fall, of which the ripening black walnuts are one of our favorites. He needed something to keep him warm on these morning excursions, so I finally finished up his Christopher Robin Sweater (Ravelry notes here).

I actually cast this on months ago and was knitting it while Theda was very new and I was not able to do much but sit and keep Silas company while he played and I nursed. It's knit in two pieces that need to be seamed all the way round. I generally am not a fan of mixing sewing in with my knitting, so I'm surprised at myself for choosing this pattern, but using a mattress stitch to put it together (instead of the crocheting suggested in the pattern) was actually very soothing. Pulling that string and watching the two halves zip together was almost as satisfying as folding and tearing really thick perforated paper. I really like the ribbing. It makes it interesting without being too fussy. Silas has already requested another sweater, but this time I'm to make it either red or rainbow colored. I love this kid.

Joining Ginny.


  1. Such a lovely color too. Our weather here is still more summer than fall, but it is definitely coming. Another week or so and we'll be in the same sweaters in the morning and shorts in the afternoon routine.

  2. A lovely sweater on an adorable child!

  3. I love the Christopher Robin sweater! How sweet!
    Well done!

  4. What a great name - Christopher Robin Sweater. It looks wonderful.
    You should go with a rainbow sweater next. My MIL knit a rainbow-type sweater for my first, and all of the kids since then have worn it and loved it.
    Great job.