Lately, at my house, there have been endless requests to play out-of-doors where the 4-year-old alternates between riding his "motorcycle" (aka his balance bike) and creating construction sites with his little cars in the driveway gravel while the 2-month-old nurses and coos. There have been garage sales and peonies taller and more full than ever before. There have been bedtime challenges and days filled with learning about bones, islands, and fossils. There have been late nights at the office for Steve, which means sewing time for me.

I made Silas a travel chalkboard mat (like this). And then I made it a second time because I wasn't quite happy with the first go-round. I should probably make a third one. Turns out, mitered corners are not my friend. But instead, I decided to make a shirt for Theda. It's the Hello Petal! pattern from Making Baby's Clothes and it is obviously too small. I had a knit fabric in mind for it, but decided to do a practice round, cutting up an old bed sheet to us as a muslin of sorts. I'm so glad that I did because, too small, but also because I'm not at all in love with the pattern. I totally dig the gathers (and they were fun to make! Who would have thunk?), but all the seams are exposed inside and I have no idea how to finish them. It just looks uncomfortable to wear.

This whole parenting two children gig is somethin' else entirely. Most days I feel like I'm running in slow motion and am always two seconds away from any one of the three of us breaking down. Don't get me wrong, these kids are awesome and I feel so blessed that my job is to hang out with them all day. I just also feel blessed when they're both in bed and I can break out all of the chocolate.


  1. Your days sound wonderfully full Courtney. I know it's exhausting, but soak in each and every moment, it will go by really fast!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Yes- I still appreciate sleeping children, but even more so when they were younger (and more tiring!)