Short Pants for the Boy

Three evenings of late-night sewing and Silas has three new pairs of shorts just in time for the warm weather that is upon us. The morning after I finished the last pair and he found them lying in his room he said to me, "mama, I wish that I could wear the shorts that you made every single day!" Well gee, little bug, you sure know how to melt your mama's heart and ensure that she will keep making you shorts until the cows come home.

I used this pattern and it was exactly what I was looking for. Easy enough for me to follow, but really cute and with plenty of options for customization once I gain the confidence. When I told him I was going to make him some shorts for the summer, the only request that Silas made was that they were "very very soft." Can do. The brown and green pairs I made in cotton terry (left over from this teething doll that I made for him over 3 years ago!) and the grey pair is sweatshirt material and all three passed the softness test.

I'm totally addicted to kids' clothes sewing. When Silas was a newborn I found my creative outlet in baking rustic fruit desserts, which was odd because I generally don't enjoy baking at all. In fact, there have been hardly any pies at all since that summer. This time around, though, it's sewing kids' clothes. I love it.

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