Rock On! Uke Strap

Now that this gift has been given, I think that I can safely share it here! Silas' best friend turned 4 last month and we were on the hunt for a project that we could make together to give to him. I asked Silas what his friend likes and he said, "cars and music." Knowing that the kiddo had just received an awesome ukulele, we decided to make him a strap to use with it.

Steve was skeptical, but a quick Pinterest search showed that this is apparently a commonly sought after item; there were several tutorials. I blended a couple of them to make a strap that perfectly fit our needs. I borrowed the top snapped portion from this tutorial.

And was inspired by this tutorial for the other half. It called for a self-adhesive hook, but I wasn't sure that our gift recipient would want to attach something to his ukulele that might damage the finish. Not sure what else to use, the answer came to me during one of my many middle-of-the-night-late-pregnancy wakings. A suction cup hook. It works perfectly.

A little embellishment on the back (and, yes, I did realize that his name was sewn on upside down. After much gnashing of teeth I did rip out all the stitches and sew it back on correctly).

Throw in some sheet music, and you have a pretty fantastic gift for a preschooler! We made another one for Silas (in red - his favorite color of the moment) so that he and his friend can jam together.

This project was a lot of fun to work on with Silas. He was an awesome helper and he chose every element - from the color of the straps to which buckles to use. Very fun collaboration! 

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