Pants for the Baby

Two new pairs of pants for the Little Miss. I sewed the pair on the right before Theda was born. It was my first time ever cutting out and following a pattern and I struggled mightily. I'm the type of person who is irrationally upset by failure and I have a tendency to give up rather than to risk failing again. It's one of those little personality traits that I'm working on. So, in an effort to better myself, I decided to give them another go. I cut the pieces out for the second pair the afternoon before I went into labor and was finally able to sit down in front of the sewing machine one evening last week to piece them together. This time, it all went so smoothly! I'm actually excited to make them again in a larger size for the fall.

I'm sure you already know because it's such a popular pattern, but they are the Quick Change Trousers from Horner's Handmade Beginnings. All fabrics were already in my stash; remnants from other projects (mostly this bunting from Silas' first birthday). In the pair on the left: Heather Moore's Free as a Bird, Amy Butler's Eyelash Pine, and Workshop #11171 by Oliver + S. In the pair on the right: Heather Ross' Wildflowers, an unknown polka dot, and (don't laugh) the farm fabric is reclaimed from a pair of organic cotton boxers I bought for Steve, but that he refused to wear. They were organic cotton and ridiculously expensive! I couldn't just throw them away!

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  1. Super cute pants, I love them - and all of the colors!! Love how they all work together.