More Booties for the Babe

This is what I was knitting when I went into labor with Theda. I cast them on the day before my due date (which was also the day on which I put my money in the when-will-this-baby-be-born pool) and finished one bootie that night. The following Sunday, after our equinox fire, after pork loin for dinner, after kissing Silas goodnight and tucking him in to bed, I sat on the couch with Steve and pulled out the second bootie, which was only 10 or so rows shy of completion. At that point, I was already pretty sure that we would have a baby by morning, but labor had not yet started at all. I got about two rows in when I had to pause and focus to deal with a contraction. Six more rows and six more pauses and I tucked my needles away for the night, not being able to at all concentrate on anything outside my body anymore. A short hour and a half later Theda was born.

The pattern is Baby Uggs and I knit them in Mission Falls 1824 cotton that I had in my stash. The construction is pretty ingenious, but I found the pattern to be somewhat frustrating. The instructions are pretty straightforward, but the diagram confused me more than helped me. Once I turned off my brain, though, and just knit what was written, it all came together. We'll have to wait a bit for photos of them on little baby feet, though...they are sized for 3-6 months and they are quite huge on the little miss.

Joining Ginny.


  1. They are very cute - love the photo props!

  2. I love the rich blue in this yarn...such adorable little socks!

  3. Cute, cute little baby uggs. An hour and a half? Wow, I'm not even going to tell you how long my labors were, even the last one!

  4. Congratulation on your little miss!!
    The booties are adorable!
    Isn't it magical how sometimes you just know? I knew with my younger daughter 'this will be my last solo sleep for a long time' and went to bed early and had the best sleep of my pregnancy. I woke at 7am from a contraction and we had a baby by 11am ;-)

  5. Gorgeous booties and congratulations on the other FO!! Looking forward to modelled shots.