Our Week in Review: Easel Painting, Path Games, and Getting Ready for Baby

We started our home visits with our midwives last week, which has served as a huge eye opener that this baby is, indeed, coming regardless of whether or not I feel ready. We have, luckily, ticked a few things off the to-do list. There are now 25 crock pot meals and 6 dozen raw protein bites tucked away in the freezer. The birth pool has been test-inflated and a hose has been purchased. Silas and I are watching birth videos together and having many conversations about what it might look like on the day that his brother or sister decides to join us. We've got the major things covered, I think (except for picking a boy's name) and yet it still seems so hard to believe how close we really are.

In making these preparations a priority, there has been a smaller amount of time each day to devote to planned activities for the four-year-old, but he hasn't complained yet. As long as we are able to get outside every day, he's a pretty happy camper.

Exploring Art

We were back at the easel this past week. This time, I invited Silas to choose one of this project drawings to represent on a larger scale. He chose his drawing of a polar bear den.

And he decided to add a baby polar bear inside of it.

Nature Study

In our study of the biomes, we are spending a couple of weeks talking about water. Last week we did an activity to visually represent the volume of salt and fresh water on the earth.

We tasted the salt water. The point I was hoping to make was how precious water is and why we need to be mindful of how we use it. But, Silas said that he thought it was quite tasty and would be more than happy to drink the salt water if we ran out of fresh.


I introduced a short open-ended path game. We've played pre-made path games (Chutes and Ladders), but it's not the most well-designed of games, really. It combines a really simple 1-6 spinner with a rather complicated 100 square path that takes a very confusing back-and-forth route. In other words, the counting is too easy and following the path is too difficult.

This short path game is completely open-ended; Silas gets to decide what the rules are and how he wants to play. He immediately rolled the die and started placing the gems on the crown and then on the circles of the path, in a similar manner to the grid game we played last week. 

As usual, the segue into dramatic play was pretty immediate. The crown was "blowing bubbles" and also was a train.

It's a beautiful day today, so we're headed out to the recycling center to drop off our recycling and then our plan is to spend as much time outside as possible.

How was your week?

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  1. You must be so excite awaiting the arrival of your new little one!! I hope everything goes smoothly and I look forward to seeing photos when he/she arrives!! : )

    ~ Wendy