A Year of Blessings

Ever since Silas has been old enough to sit upright, he has joined us at the table for dinner. It's been really important for both Steve and I to keep our evening meal together as an anchor to the day; something that we can all count on and look forward to. It is very rare that the three of us do not sit down together to eat and visit about our day. Over time we've incorporated a candle and then a short blessing that we all say together. 

Last year, we tried doing a new dinner verse each month. I wrote them out and then we would take turns reading it until we all had it memorized. I was able to keep up with finding a new verse each month for the first half of the year, but we kept the same verse for the second half.

With all of the verses written on watercolor paper that Silas had so beautifully painted throughout the year, I knew that I wanted to bind them together in some way to make a little "Year of Blessings" book that we could look back upon. I ended up doing a very simple stick binding. Just two hole punches in each page, a single rubber band up through the two holes from the back, and looped over a stick and we had our book. 

Here are the verses that we used:

Old Father Time stooped at his wheel
Hear the New Year's bell begin to peel
And at the end of spinning through
He joins the old year to the new.

Every good deed and kind word said 
Doth leave a bright gem on that golden thread
For those who have used their moments right
The angels will weave a garment bright
Where every gem like a star shall shine
And will bless the work of Father Time.


Blessings on the blossom
Blessings on the fruit
Blessings on the leaves and stems
And blessings on the root.


For the golden corn
For the apples in the trees
For the creamy butter
For the honey in our tea
For fruits and nuts and berries
That grow along the way
Dear Father Sun
And Mother Earth
We give thanks for this day.


Mother Earth, Mother Earth
Take this seed and give it birth.

Father Sun, gleam and glow
Until the roots begin to grow.

Sister Rain, Sister rain
Shed thy tears to swell the grain.

Brother Wind, breathe and blow
Then the blade, green will grow.

Earth and Sun and Wind and Rain,
Turn to gold the living grain.


Bless the Earth so stout and strong 
Bless the water that flows along
Bless the air that whirls and shakes
And bless the fire that our bread bakes.       (Reg Down)


  1. What a wonderful routine. We just got a kitchen table about 6 months ago (our house is so tiny and we had to give up another space to fit it in) but i LOVE the ability to sit down together at a family now, at one table, and have that time to re-connect.

  2. Some of these I'd never read before! Thanks for sharing - and your book is beautiful.

  3. Oh those are lovely verses! Like you our supper time is the anchor point to the day and I love that we get to sit down together. We always start with grace; usually our thankfulness grace where everyone goes around to say what they're thankful for - it's lovely to hear what the girls come up with (even if Elma's is all too frequently "sausages!")

  4. What a lovely idea, the blessings you are using are beautiful :)