{This Moment} Weaving

Joining SouleMama.


  1. Beautiful. Such lovely colors (and a lovely photo, to boot)!

    Here's my moment, taken last weekend on the longest run I've ever done (20 miles!), and upon the discovery of a new little park not so far from my apartment: http://www.notintentonarriving.com/2014/12/this-moment.html.

  2. Such an adorable, colorful pic!! Perfect for little fingers!! Have a beautiful weekend!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  3. Look at those little fingers. Cuteness.

  4. Oh how gorgeously bright and colourful - that looks like fun!

  5. How lovely! How old? I'm wondering if my 4yo would enjoy that or not. I tried lacing cards and she still runs into frustrations. I'm thinking this doesn't have so much pulling and getting snagged.

    1. Silas is just shy of 4-years-old and this is definitely at the upper end of his ability. He understands the over/under pattern of weaving. He does skip the occasional strand and he really only has patience to do one, maybe two, rows in a sitting. He does enjoy it though and returns to it periodically. I scored the loom at the thrift store for 95 cents, so it was a pretty low investment for me if he wasn't into it. ;)