Orange & Clove Pomanders

Continuing our celebration of the plant kingdom this week, Silas and I made some orange and clove pomanders. I remember seeing these around when I was a kid, but I don't think that I ever made them myself. It's such a staple of the Christmas holiday season that we had to give it a try.

We actually used clementines instead of oranges. I pre-pierced the holes for Silas and he pushed in the cloves. In all honesty, this was a bit of a tough project for a three-year-old. He was definitely able to do it, but I think he found it a little bit frustrating and was happy to declare himself "done" after finishing two of the four sections on his clementine. So I peeled him a fresh one and he ate it while I finished the spiral design on mine and filled in the rest of his. Now, we'll just set them aside to dry and once they do they'll go on the seasonal table, returning year after year.

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  1. What a lovely project... I've never heard of them before, but I bet they smell amazing once they are dried... clove is so fragrant.