Balance Bike

One thing I am not is an action photographer. Silas gave me plenty of fantastic shots of him riding his balance bike and nary a one of them is in focus. Oh well! 

We got Silas a balance bike for Easter the spring that he was two. To be honest, he wasn't at all interested in it that summer. He was still in his cautious stage and I think he was worried about falling over. But this summer has been the complete opposite. He hops on that thing and rides. Usually, he pretends that it's a motorcycle or a lawnmower, but no matter what it is that he's pretending at the moment, it always elicits smiles and laughs. It was definitely worth the investment. My only wish is that the seat would raise a little higher to accommodate his long legs. It's already up as far as it will go and it's a bit too short for him; I think this will be his only summer to really get to ride it. Next summer? Pedal bike!

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  1. Finn loved his scoot bike. Phoebe has been trying it for over a year, and just cant seem to get the hang of it.... one day. Silas looks like he is having a blast!