Blueberry Picking

We met some friends yesterday morning at a farm to do a little blueberry picking. It was our first time. The boys had fun running amongst the bushes, pretending to be Little Sal as they dropped berries into their pails, and in general enjoying each other's company while the mamas put forth a more serious effort at picking berries (it takes a lot of berries to make a crumble!) and chit-chatting.

It's been a bit quiet around here as of late. I've been trying to minimize computer time to maximize our time outside this summer. The swimming pool has become a new favorite spot and we've walked all over town to forage berries (Juneberries! Who knew?). We make frequent trips to the park and moved a mini trampoline into the living room because it simply made the most sense. We eat ice pops for breakfast. I thought the all-fruit would be the favorite, or for sure, the chocolate, but no, it's the yogurt that he can't get enough of. I'm trying to simplify and purge (aren't we all?) and to shake, once and for all, the guilt, the weight, the responsibility of having too much stuff. We are receiving so much goodness in our CSA box this year (Broccoli! Peas!), but are yearning to do more of our own growing. We casually mentioned to Silas the prospect of moving someday, including the fact that he could have chickens if we did. He was sold immediately.

This is all a long way to say that our days seem simple and not at all noteworthy in the moment, but are adding up to a pretty wonderful summer. I can hardly believe that August is almost here.

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  1. We are going to Maine in a week and will be visiting a blueberry farm. I am sooo excited about it! :) Glad you are having a chill summer!