Pudding in a Cloud

Have you heard of pudding in a cloud? It's one of those recipes that frequently appears in Midwestern church cookbooks and on the backs of instant pudding boxes. It has but two ingredients: pudding and whipped cream. When I was growing up, dessert wasn't really a part of our family meals, but every once in awhile Sunday Dinner would be followed by bowls of this chocolate-y goodness. Preparing it was my job. I remember using the back of a spoon to push the Cool Whip up the sides of each bowl, pouring in the chocolate pudding and then sliding them into the refrigerator to chill while we ate our meal.

This week, we're exploring clouds, and even though the connection is a bit of a stretch, I thought it would be fun to share this little childhood treat of mine with Silas. Of course, I had to "whole foods" it up a bit and used homemade whipped cream and made the pudding from scratch (my first time!). It's still by no means a health food, but a much-appreciated treat for our post-walk snack time today.

When we started the return walk I told Silas that there was a special snack waiting for us at home. "Pudding in a cloud," I said. "Oh!" he exclaimed, "is that chocolate?" There is no doubt that this kid is my kid.

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