Making Caterpillars

Well, this post is one you can file under "things I meant to write about, but never quite got around to it." About a month ago when we were exploring caterpillars Silas wanted to make a toy caterpillar that he could play with. If you've never collaborated with a preschooler in toymaking, I highly recommend it. It was so much fun to hear his ideas about how it should be made and to witness him problem-solving as the project took shape.

We decided to make it out of four wooden beads. We dyed them using liquid watercolors and also gave them a dip in some vinegar to help keep the colors from running. Silas was in charge of polishing them with a bit of homemade beeswax polish and then it was time to string them all together with a cotton pipe cleaner.

He's loved playing with it. Almost immediately upon its completion he declared that I needed to knit him a chrysalis for his caterpillar to live in. I tried to comply, but my creation turned out less than satisfactory. I had a plan to make one out of felt (inspired by this), but we soon got busy with other interests and it never materialized. Maybe when our curiosity returns to caterpillars (which I'm sure that it will), this little Cabbage Looper ("It must be a Cabbage Looper because it's green!" he said) will have the opportunity to tuck inside a cozy little home and begin a transformation.

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