Setting Them Free

All five of our butterflies successfully emerged from their chrysalides. We weren't lucky enough to catch seeing any of them in the process of climbing out, but we did see one immediately after and got to watch as his crumbled wings slowly dried and straightened. We fed them slices of citrus and Silas loved watching them each unroll their proboscis and slurp up the sweet juice. His favorite thing, though, was watching them fly.

Saturday was warm and there was no chance of rain, so it was the perfect day to set them free. We had to help them out of the habitat. For each one I reached my hand in, let him crawl on my finger, pulled him out and then waited until he fluttered away. I put my hand up to Silas' so that one could crawl onto his hand and I think he wasn't quite sure how he felt about that. But he was excited that they were free and chased after them to see what flowers they might have landed upon. This is definitely an experience we hope to repeat.

This upcoming week is a week to explore butterflies. We're reading Butterfly House by Bunting and  Where Butterflies Grow by Ryder.


  1. I've done this with preschool children before and it's such a remarkable, beautiful thing to watch those butterflies soar into the air.

    Lovely photos.

  2. so fun! that is on my to-do list for next year